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American Tradition Partnership (ATP) is a no-compromise grassroots organization dedicated to fighting the radical environmentalist agenda. We support responsible development of natural resources and rational land use and management policies. Only together can we protect access, private property rights, and low-cost energy for all Americans.
 American Tradition Institute (ATI) is a public policy research and educational foundation – a “think tank” – founded in 2009 to help lead the national discussion about environmental issues, including air and water quality and regulation, responsible land use, natural resource management, energy development, property rights, and free-market principles of stewardship.
Regular Folks United was started to fight back the assault on the common sense values and morality that folks inherited from their parents and grandparents. They aren’t Republican or Democrat values. They are American values. The groups provides a voice for average, “regular” Americans, who support the ideals that make our country great and which must be fought for and protected.
Ron Miller is a conservative writer and commentator, and author of SELLOUT: Musings From Uncle Tom’s Porch.  He is the president of Regular Folks United and of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of Maryland, the nation’s preeminent organization of Christian black Republicans, and writes columns for numerous outlets including Red County, American Thinker, Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Review and his own website