Add Your Computer To This Worthy Cause

Each day people just like you are installing our new, one of a kind Liberty-Connect software. This new technology is absolutely safe and virus free and never interferes with or slows down your computer in any way. It’s the secret weapon our movement has needed ever since Barack Obama enlisted one of the founders of Facebook to propagate his political agenda. That message was contrary to the founding values supported by our movement. Now we have something even more powerful…with the potential to reach more people with less human effort than ever before. This is the opportunity we have all waited for…and by adding your computer you will help to broadcast the message of our Founding Father’s across our nation in a ways never before possible.

You do not have to be an activist to make a difference, you just need a computer. People just like you are volunteering a very small amount of their computer’s processing power when called upon, to spread freedom and liberty. We call ourselves e-Patriots, and we are supporting pre-screened groups and individuals whose only intent is to support the Founding Principles of our great country and help to restore America in this time of need.

No matter how busy you are, if you have a computer, you can be an e-Patriot!
Our Goal Is To Enlist 1 Million e-Patriots To Create One United Voice
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Liberty Connect is Virus Free, Secure and Safe

The Liberty Connect software barely takes up any system resources on your computer and adds another soldier to the field of battle to help restore America to its founding principles. The software cannot be used in any way to spread any virus and has a history of being completely safe.

Your computer will simply be alerted to support the content from member approved groups, and will go to all the top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc., and generates a variety of promotional interactions appropriate for each social site, whether it be a “Like”, “Tweet”, “Vote”, etc. Your support is completely anonymous, therefore your participation is private and has no impact on your personal or business accounts on any social networks.

This generates more interest in the content that we know supports liberty and freedom, for people searching for valuable news.


You Decide Who Gets To Submit Content
The Liberty Share Network is so powerful that we want to be sure that we carefully select who can benefit. The content in the network is only that of pre-screened, non-partisan groups and individuals, whose only intention is to preserve the Founding Principles that of economic and personal liberty that made America great. Members get to choose to be as active as they wish. As such, you can elect, if desired, to take an active role in determining who can contribute content.

We will send you an e-mail and make an announcement on Facebook and via e-mail when a vote is open, and you can take part if you wish.

How Powerful Can Liberty Share Be With Your Help?

That’s right, together we can create millions of Patriotic “thumb’s up” for messages that strengthen America, and this does not include others who will share it and recommend it when they see how many of us have done so. Imagine the impact if you saw millions of people support something on the web…you would stop and take notice and be more likely to send to others.

If you have a computer, please join fellow citizens and make a huge difference!